Your team is now working from home.
Let us help.

Stay engaged. Prevent burnout. Keep collaboration flowing.


Don't just move your status quo online.
You need to completely rethink the way you work. 

Our tools do the heavy lifting so you can move quickly.

Know what's working
(or not)

Each week we'll send a 1-minute

Pulse survey to your direct reports to get you insights on burnout, engagement and role clarity.

Make sure you’re on the same page

As needs rapidly change, get data on how aligned you and your team are on your biggest priorities — so you can adjust as needed.

Focus on what matters

Redirect energy to your big bets by figuring out which low-priority activities are sucking the most time from your team.

Share ideas even better than in person

Get everything needed to run a remote brainstorming session — from a tool for collecting and upvoting ideas to team icebreakers.

Avoid communication pitfalls

Map out your team’s communication cadence and set new norms for the virtual world. 

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